Alumni Focus: Yong Cho, Data Researcher at GrubHub

Alumni Focus: Yong Cho, Data Researcher at GrubHub

Metis scholar Yong Cho currently might be a Data Man of science at GrubHub, the food delivery company responsible for countless delightful meals sent to my Brooklyn apartment. We all caught up together with Yong as soon as possible to ask related to his task at GrubHub, his precious time at Metis, and his recommendations for current and newly arriving students.

Metis: Tell me to your background. Exactly how did you feel interested in information science?

Yong: I’ve been a volumes guy, provided that I remember, but it surely was really anytime sports stats, and primarily NBA information, started getting to be mainstream in the last couple ages that I actually found myself delving within the data go first around my free time in addition to enjoying it again more than this is my day-time career (bond trader). At some point, As i realized I needed love to get compensated for the sorts of data work I enjoy undertaking. I wanted to build an in-demand skill set in an exciting up-and-coming field. Which led us to files science and also to me producing my first of all line of exchange, which appeared last March.

Metis: Describe your present role. Things you like regarding it? What are a number of challenges?

Yong: As a Info Scientist at GrubHub’s Economic Team, I’m applying this is my data creation and details science knowledge in a wide range regarding projects, but all things that have an impact on driving organization decisions. Read more